June 24, 2005

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Well, I've finally gotten around to some much-needed updates.

First of all, I updated all of the php code involved in that nifty comment feature I implemented about six months ago, on account of my having switched web hosts (twice, actually--the first one I switched to proved to be very lacking in almost every respect, so less than two months later, I switched again). Attentive viewers (all two of you) may have noted a three week period in February/March in which WhiteFantom's Haunt was completely offline--you can thank that unfortunate host I first switched to for that.

Second of all--new art! First is another commissioned piece I did for MMC Greetings called Going Up.... The most recent is Gloria Mundi, which I originally did simply because I wanted to paint concrete and rust. It turned into a kind of symbolic philosophical/religious commentary, though that was purely after the fact. Its deepest and most primal meaning is one of making the artist happy with interesting new textures to paint. :-)

And finally, I've updated the Prints & Publications page with listings for my prints and other products for sale at Ellen Million Graphics, a company specializing in Fantasy merchandise. You can use the link above to shop for products featuring my work, and all of my works offered by Ellen Million Graphics will be listed here in the Prints & Publications section.

Welcome to WhiteFantom's Haunt, personal and portfolio website of artist, writer, and musician Jennifer Pitcock (that would be me). You'll find lots of art here to stimulate your visual senses, a bit of music to envigorate your ears, and a plethora of writing to do quite a variety of things--fiction to entertain, non-fiction to inform, poetry to inspire--you name it, I've got it (or can probably do it if you need it).

The works you'll find here are a mixture of personal things done just for fun and professional things done for paying clients. If you have a project in need of a writer (fiction or non-fiction, web or print), an artist or illustrator, or a designer, and you think that my skills may be a good fit, take a look at my Freelance & Commissions page for samples, rates, and contact information.

Even if you don't have a project you'd like me to help you with, please feel free to browse the pages of this site and hopefully find some enjoyment and entertainment along the way.

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