Being that I'm a writer by trade, my primary priority with my writing is to sell it to a publisher; because of that, fiction appearing here will be, for the most part, works that have been previously published or works in progress. I will periodically update the works in this section to add work that I'm either in the process of working on or that have been published and have run the course of the exclusive time frame of the publishing agreement.

All works appearing here are copyrighted; please see the FAQ for further information. I am also open for freelance and commission work, so if you're interested in comissioning a story or other piece of writing from me, visit the Freelance & Commissions section for information and a contact form.

Dathril (a writing exercise)

January 2003 | Fantasy | writing exercise; approx. 1,500 words

This is a writing exercise I developed a while back to help me flesh out characters, plot, setting, and so on. It's a kind of "webbing" exercise involving the writing of scenes to answer questions prompted from previously written scenes. Instructions are included, as well as a couple of example scenes I wrote using the exercise.

Lady Greensleeves: Prologue

December 2002 | Fantasy | novel chapter; approx. 1,000 words

This is the prologue for a novel-in-progress I've had in mind for years but have been very slow in writing.

Lady Briannon Greene--known affectionately as Lady Greensleeves by the people of the kingdom of Willowvale--is a very sweet but not very assertive princess. The only daughter of the beloved King Rhiodan the Fair, Briannon much prefers sharing a meager meal with the earnest villagers to the prescribed and insincere behaviour of her noble peers, but doing so has hurt her chances of receiving a marriage p roposal from a man of appropriate social standing.

While visiting Willowvale on business, the large and intimidating Baron of Moorshead happens to catch sight of Briannon in the village marketplace, and upon learning that she is the only child of a king, the Baron sees his chance for advancement--marry a princess, become a king! Fearing Briannon will get no other offer, the King consents to the Baron's request to marry her and holds fast to that decision even when Briannon comes to him in terrified tears claiming the Baron told her he planned to kill both her and her father after their marriage and claim the throne for himself.

At her wit's end, Briannon follows a mysterious white-gold owl to the home of a reclusive wizard in the middle of the night and is sent on a quest by the wizard for components to a spell that he claims will offer her a solution to her problem. She must obtain a flower from the Island of Spring, from the very tiara on the River Queen's head; an apple from the throne of the Fire King on the Island of Summer; a leaf from the hair of the Earth Queen on the Island of Autumn; and an icicle from the beard of the Wind King, who rules the Island of Winter.

Accompanied by the white-gold owl, Briannon must brave the hazards and obstacles on the four Islands of Seasons, get past the Kings and Queens that rule them, get the items she needs and make it home safely. Can this timid princess survive these strange and forbidding islands and actually be brave and clever enough to best the ethereal Rulers of them?

The Apple Tree

Summer 1999 | Dark Fantasy | short story; approx. 2,000 words

An old man is filled with hate for a twisted old apple tree that grows in the edge of his yard. His rage is blind and reasonless; he obsesses day and night over how to get rid of the tree, which is resillient through all his vicious attacks. The symbiosis of tree and man goes deeper than even he realizes, and he demonstrates quite easily that it is human nature to hurt those who are trying to help us.

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